About Us

Joe McGonigalJoe McGonigal
Co-Founder, SCC Partners

Prior to co-founding SCC Partners, Joe spent more than a decade as both a front line producer and sales leader for a large, publicly traded healthcare distribution company. During that time, he received numerous sales and leadership awards for his contributions. Joe uses a blend of coaching and consulting to help sales professionals and organizations find ways to initiate new opportunities and grow sales.

Joe thrives on working with people who are committed to growth, willing to challenge the status quo, and test the limits of what’s possible.

Joe spends his free time with his wife and three children. He’s also a foodie, an avid reader, and a Crossfitter.

Doug E Doug1Doug Young
Co-Founder, SCC Partners

Combining a lifetime in sales, leadership, professional speaking, coaching and consulting, Doug is a catalyst to people of integrity who have committed to improving themselves, their companies, and the world.

He can provoke and disrupt your thinking while adding to your knowledge and increasing your confidence. He is a guide on the white water journey to unleash potential and achieve breakthrough performance.

Music is his personal passion. Family is his greatest love. Experiencing this roller coaster called life is his privilege.