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6 “Essentials” Companies Need From Their Leaders

Has the strength of corporate leadership ever been more important? Change and transformation are extreme. Competition is smarter and bolder. But here’s another factor that may be the most important of all. This could be labeled the “age of uncertainty.” The world of business is less predictable than at any time I can remember. There […]

Is Arnold Palmer the World’s Greatest Salesperson?

This week’s PGA Tour tournament is the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando. I’m interested in the competition, but I’m more interested in The King himself. When Arnold Palmer came on the Tour in 1955 and won the Canadian Open, golf was not the spectator sport it is today. There were no “stadium” courses and golf […]

Why You Should Stop Trying To Find More Time, More Customers, and More Revenue

Salespeople, managers, and leaders like to use the word find. You’re trying to find more customers, find more time, find better opportunities, find new ways to get prospects’ attention, and so on. It’s not all that surprising. As the competition gets more aggressive, margins continue to erode, and higher-ups apply more pressure, you have to […]

Sales Managers – Is It Your Fault The Sales Funnel Is Full Of Bad Leads?

“Half of my team have sales funnels full of old, worn out leads. No wonder we are struggling to grow.” That’s the comment I heard yesterday while speaking with a sales manager. To which I responded, “How much of that is your fault?” “What do you mean? I’m not the one prospecting or putting these […]

WestJet Gives A Master Class In Creating An Amazing Client Experience

Is it really that difficult to stand out from the competition? Do prospects really only care about price? When your product/service/offering is the same as everything else available in the marketplace, the answers to both these questions is “Yes!” You’ve given no other way to distinguish yourself, so price should be the deciding factor. However, […]

It’s Hard To…

… grow your business. … build, manage, and lead an effective sales team. … create value consistently. … differentiate yourself. … find time for [fill in the blank]. … compete against people that sell on price. … focus when corporate is throwing so much at you. … figure out how to use Facebook, Twitter, and […]