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DSP017 – Insights From a Dental Sales Veteran with John O’Connor

Summer’s over and we hope it’s been enjoyable for you. With the renewed focus on business that always reappears after Labor Day, this is the perfect time to learn from the sales and sales leadership experience of a highly respected dental industry veteran. John O’Connor will share his perspective on many facets of the dental […]

Always Room For A Craftsman

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about the growing concerns I hear from reps about how much the dental industry is changing. Corporate dentistry is playing a bigger role in the market and many of those organizations ‘buy’ very differently. Not only is it more difficult to identify and connect with decision makers in […]

Is Arnold Palmer the World’s Greatest Salesperson?

This week’s PGA Tour tournament is the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando. I’m interested in the competition, but I’m more interested in The King himself. When Arnold Palmer came on the Tour in 1955 and won the Canadian Open, golf was not the spectator sport it is today. There were no “stadium” courses and golf […]

Why You Should Stop Trying To Find More Time, More Customers, and More Revenue

Salespeople, managers, and leaders like to use the word find. You’re trying to find more customers, find more time, find better opportunities, find new ways to get prospects’ attention, and so on. It’s not all that surprising. As the competition gets more aggressive, margins continue to erode, and higher-ups apply more pressure, you have to […]

The Fastest Way To Price Issues – “Can I Get Copies Of Your Invoices?”

Price is the broken record many salespeople wish would stop playing. Problem is you may be the one hitting the play button without even realizing it. Sales people at all levels have used this strategy, but it plagues newer reps the most. You spend weeks or months trying to get through to a decision maker […]

DSP 009: How To Practice Selling

Like an other profession, if you want to get better at selling, you have to practice. However, few salespeople want to risk practicing new methods or approaches in front of real prospects with real revenue on the line. Sure you can try some role-playing in sales meetings, but those are always contrived scenarios that rarely […]