Teachability Drives Champion Sales Performance

Are sales strategies and techniques changing dramatically? Are these changes hitting us faster and faster? Are they likely to continue? That’s how I see it! There is no going back to a quieter and slower time! There is another “no!” Continuous learning is no longer an option. It’s an unconditional must if you want to […]

The Game Changing Skill You Need To Be An Elite Salesperson

Sales trainers and coaches (yes people like us) talk frequently about the various competencies you need to master to be an effective salesperson. For example, there’s questioning and listening, differentiating yourself, and presentation skills. You know the rest. But there’s one that doesn’t get talked about enough, although recent articles and books are spending more […]

3 Sales Insights From A River Guide

Have you experienced the thrills and chills of a raft ride through the toughest rapids that a river can throw at you? Quite something, isn’t it? Does your journey down the “river of life” these days share many of the same “wild ride” characteristics? How about navigating through your world of sales? Is it similar? […]