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Your Sales Trainer Only Told You Half The Story

At some point in your career, a sales trainer taught you that selling is essentially about solving problems (stopping pain) or creating opportunities (creating gain) for your prospects. Ask enough questions to better understand the prospect’s business and the gaps that exist, then sell solutions that fill said gaps. It’s a simple and logical equation […]

DSP 008: Marketing Lessons For Salespeople With Fred Joyal

As the dental industry gets more competitive, getting prospect’s attention is more difficult. That’s why it more important than ever that you learn better ways to market yourself to your target audience. You can no longer rely solely on the corporate marketing department to do this for you. What is your personal brand? What messages […]

An Unconventional (Yet Ridiculously Logical) Approach For Getting Past The Gatekeeper

It’s one of the oldest games of cat and mouse. Before walking through the door you get your game face on. Maybe you even give yourself a quick pep talk. You get as mentally prepared as possible for the pending face off. On the other side of the door, she sits. Patient, calm, and clear […]

How To Use Your Smartphone As A Sales Coach

How many times have you left a sales call wishing you’d said something different or asked a better question? It’s even worse when you were prepared to do so, but just forgot. As a sales coach, I often work with clients and groups on refining their actual scripting – the specific language they use with […]

3 Reasons Salespeople Should Stay Away From Decision Makers

“Talk to decision makers.” Everyone in sales has heard this mantra. Over and over and over. On it’s surface, it sounds like good advice. If you are going to get commitments, make sales, and book real revenue, you have to be talking to people inside your prospect’s organization who have the authority to make decisions […]