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2 Really Lame Excuses For Not Trying Something New

“I should really….” “I wish I could….” “If I just tried….” How many times in the last month have you’ve said at least one of these? What opportunities lie just out of your current reach? The ones you’d love to capture if they weren’t so risky, difficult, or disruptive to your comfort zone? What excuses […]

BreakOut! An Opportunity for Dental Industry Professionals

More than 8 months in the making, BreakOut! is now available to dental sales professionals, managers, and sales leaders who want to grow their business in a big way. Earlier this year we released our first course, ReLaunch. At the same time, we continued to coach reps and managers, and work with sales teams. And […]

Teachability Drives Champion Sales Performance

Are sales strategies and techniques changing dramatically? Are these changes hitting us faster and faster? Are they likely to continue? That’s how I see it! There is no going back to a quieter and slower time! There is another “no!” Continuous learning is no longer an option. It’s an unconditional must if you want to […]