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Your Sales Trainer Only Told You Half The Story

At some point in your career, a sales trainer taught you that selling is essentially about solving problems (stopping pain) or creating opportunities (creating gain) for your prospects. Ask enough questions to better understand the prospect’s business and the gaps that exist, then sell solutions that fill said gaps. It’s a simple and logical equation […]

How To Expand Your Prospect’s “Small Thinker” Mindset

Early in my career, I worked with a colleague who had a very simple classification system for new prospects that I’d like to share. I believe it will help you better evaluate and approach opportunities in the future. After virtually every call we went on together, he would place the prospect into one of two […]

Is There A Real Sales Opportunity or Is The Prospect Just Being Nice?

You’ve been calling on a new prospect for months, maybe longer with little to no success. You’ve been trying to get a lunch, a meeting with the decision maker, or uncover a sales opportunity, but you can’t seem to get past the front desk. Sound familiar? I’m not talking about the office with the receptionist […]