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DSP017 – Insights From a Dental Sales Veteran with John O’Connor

Summer’s over and we hope it’s been enjoyable for you. With the renewed focus on business that always reappears after Labor Day, this is the perfect time to learn from the sales and sales leadership experience of a highly respected dental industry veteran. John O’Connor will share his perspective on many facets of the dental […]

DSP013: Getting Feedback To Create Career Breakthroughs with Alexa Sherr Hartley

Being a great salesperson, manager, leader, or teammate requires a lot of things. For example, you need determination and grit. You need to be persistent and resilient. And it doesn’t hurt to have a little luck. Certainly there are other ingredients. Today we are going to talk about one that doesn’t get the attention is […]

DSP 009: How To Practice Selling

Like an other profession, if you want to get better at selling, you have to practice. However, few salespeople want to risk practicing new methods or approaches in front of real prospects with real revenue on the line. Sure you can try some role-playing in sales meetings, but those are always contrived scenarios that rarely […]

DSP 008: Marketing Lessons For Salespeople With Fred Joyal

As the dental industry gets more competitive, getting prospect’s attention is more difficult. That’s why it more important than ever that you learn better ways to market yourself to your target audience. You can no longer rely solely on the corporate marketing department to do this for you. What is your personal brand? What messages […]